Coach Hansen“As a former Professional baseball player for the Seattle Mariners, New York Mets, Montreal Expos, and Detroit Tigers, I felt the need to come home and give back to the young ball players in the community where I started my journey (Bremerton High School and Washington State Cougars). I want to share the things that I’ve learned from the best coaches, ball players and instructors that helped me fulfill my dream of becoming a Major League ball player.

Northwest Blaze Baseball offers young players the opportunity to do just that.  I see a need for young athletes, who have their own dreams of playing at the highest level, to receive the best quality instruction from players and coaches that have the experience and the knowledge to help get them there.  What was it that made them different?  What separated them from the competition?  What did it take to get there and compete at that level?

First, there is a need for instructors who have experience playing at the highest level.  These instructors must also have a desire to help players achieve their goals of maximizing their potential in hopes of playing at the highest level.  This level of instruction plays a crucial role not only in the physical development of a player but also in the development of preparation, knowledge, strategy, technical and tactical areas of a player’s game.  How can an instructor train an athlete to compete at the highest level when the instructor has no experience at that level?  This type of development is what creates separation between good and great players; and great is our goal!

Hansen playing for CougarsSecondly, there is a need for a facility with a positive, friendly and hard working environment where players have a commonality in attaining their desires and dreams.  This type of environment creates chemistry and a working relationship between player’s within the facility where they are challenged and pushed to work hard to attain their personal goals.  The Yard demands that when students leave the training center, they leave a better player!

We specialize in private training lessons for individuals and groups.  The Yard offers the best in hitting, fielding, pitching, catching and speed and agility for both baseball and softball players.

The Yard also offers full facility rentals for team training. If your team is interested in reserving a spot, or have any questions about our organizations, please contact us.

If you have a dream, come find out!  This is your opportunity to learn from the players and coaches that have lived your dream!  There is a difference, a huge difference!  Learn from experience……….learn from the pro’s!”

Coach Terrel Hansen