To all Blaze Players, Staff and Parents,

Great job to all players who have been in attendance for the Fall and Winter indoor workouts, keep rolling as your hard work is going to pay off!

As we transition to Spring and Summer, our outdoor and indoor workouts schedules will be adjusted slightly according to field use confirmation. Locations and times will be passed along ASAP for planning purposes.

Your head coach will be your everyday point of contact from today through the end of July. Again they will be receiving the outdoor and  Yard schedules for practice times and locations once we receive full confirmation of field use. I will still be available if you have any questions.

Reminder, that teams tournament and game schedules have been added to our website calendar at www.northwestblaze.org under schedule/all schedules. Tournament schedules will more than likely be out within the week of the tournaments which will include game times and locations.

Thanks, Terrel