New Winter Indoor Schedule

To all,

I hope everyone has had a great holiday season so far as New Year’s Day approaches and the 2024 season is upon us.

Attached is the Jan/Feb schedule for weekday and Saturday workout times, these are report times for players. Our first scheduled indoor workout will be on Tuesday, January 2nd with the 14U and 15U teams in attendance.

I have scheduled the weekday workouts to one night for each team with extended practice times to represent a team outdoor setting along with our typical Saturday bullpen and hitting sessions.  This will cut down on weeknight travel as traffic seems to be not in anyone’s favor.  Info is on the website schedule as well.

January 2-February 29

WEEKDAYS                                       REPORT            FINISH

MONDAY – 18U AND 16UB           5:30 PM            8:30 PM
TUESDAY – 15U AND 14U             5:30 PM             8:30 PM
WEDNESDAY – 16UM                    5:30 PM             8:30 PM
THURSDAY – 13U AND 11U          5:30 PM             8:30 PM

January 6-February 24

18U                                                    10:45 AM          1:00 PM
11U                                                    11:45 PM          2:00 PM
13U                                                    12:45 PM          3:00 PM
15U/14U                                           1:45 PM             4:00 PM
16UB                                                 2:45 PM             5:00 PM
16UM                                                3:45 PM             6:00 PM