Kitsap Great Give 2023

Northwest Blaze is excited to be participating in this year’s Kitsap Great Give 2023!

What is the Great Give? It is a 24-hour online giving event organized by the Kitsap Community Foundation to grow philanthropy in Kitsap County and surrounding Mason County areas. 100% of donations are kept by the organization the money was donated to. “Early Give” begins on April 1st, with the “Great Give” concluding April 11th, please tell all your friends and family and share the link for them to directly donate. It’s also fun to watch the leaderboard and see which non profit is in the lead and where we will rank.

In the past Blaze has run two separate fundraisers to help with the cost and improvement of the facility and also allow us to enter more tournaments but since this year has been so different, we decided to jump on board with this fun online fundraiser. There are also organizations that will boost or match donations at random, which is a fun aspect to the fundraising. I would suggest heading over to the page and even looking at the different non profits also participating to get more of an idea as to what this is about. We need 100% participation from every player to make this successful for Blaze.

Thank you and as always, we appreciate you and your player.